Walter William Glenn

Walter William Glenn was born in 1917, to parents Groves William and Mary Mildred (Millie). Walter, and his brother Groves Ronald (Ronnie) and sister Mildred Joan were railway children, since their father Groves William (Bill) was stationmaster at Woodhouse.

Glenn Family circa Christmas 1927, Wardsend Sheffield
The Glenn family, c. 1927 (L-R Groves Ronald (Ronnie) Glenn (1920-1983); Groves William Glenn (1893-1970)
Mary Mildred (Millie) Glenn (nee Turner), Walter William Glenn (1917-1931), baby Mildred Joan (1927-2008).)
Millie and Walter 1917
Mary Mildred Turner (1897-1957) as a very young mum
with her first-born, Walter, late 1917.

At the age of just 7 months, despite being naturally fed, Walter weighed nearly two stone and was entered in a competition in Southport – he took first prize!

Uncle Walter, age 2, 1919
Walter, aged 2. c. 1920

In 1931, the Glenn family were living at 43 Victor Street in Sheffield. It was here that Walter’s short life ended.

Walter William Glenn with Mildred @ 1930
Walter, age unknown here.

On his 14th birthday he was given a bicycle. He had been told that he was not allowed to ride it until his father came home from work, but he mithered his mother so much that she let him go out early just to get some peace. Unfortunately, Walter lost control of his bike coming down a hill and hit a tram with great force, resulting in a complex break of his leg.

He died in hospital four days later – it is believed he contracted septicaemia.

Walter is buried at Wardsend Cemetery in section NP 346, but is not believed to have a headstone. A photograph shows a marker was erected, and highlights the very different appearance the cemetery had in the 1930s.

Walter Glenn's little sister, Mildred @ 1934
Walter’s sister, Mildred Joan Glenn, with his marker in Wardsend Cemetery, c. 1931



All credit for story and photographs go to Anita Joy Glenn and her aunt Mildred Joan Johnson (nee Glenn). Walter is Anita’s uncle – his brother Ronnie is her father. Mildred, who was William and Ronnie’s sister, sent the photos to Anita in 1984. She died in 2008. Anita now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Profile written by Beth Keever