Walter Parkin

The research of Karen Lightowler has uncovered a lot about Walter Parkin. Living at 14 Hoyle Street in Walkley, Walter Parkin was a victim of the 1864 flood. He was 14 when he died, and lived with his father, John, who was a pen grinder.

He is not on the official records as dying, however records of compensation for his death show that he was killed in the flood. He was buried in Wardsend on the 27th March 1864.

It took the injuries Walter had sustained a few days to take him and although he was visited by a surgeon, he was not to survive.

John Parkin was himself injured in the flood, and was unable to work for an amount of time whilst recovering. He was give the large amount of £59 for a mix of property loss, wage loss, personal injury, and the loss of Walter.

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Lightowler, K., Sheffield Flood: The Aftermath, 2007, pp. 116-117

Profile Written by Tom Gidlow