Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker, a well known local angler, died aged 72 on 6th August 1899.
An article written within in a week of his death in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, ‘The Death of A Sheffield Angler at Rampton’, notes an inquest which concluded that Thomas Walker probably died of apoplexy, a stroke. He had been at the Eyre Arms pub in Rampton the night before but, according to friends he was with, was not drunk and went to bed at 11.30pm. The article continues that at 6.45am Walker asked for a glass of water, stating “I am alright” when asked by the friend with whom he had been with the night before. It was not until 11 o’clock that same morning another friend went to check on him and found him unconscious, pulseless and in a cold sweat.

Walker was identified by the daughter he left behind, Sarah Smith. It is unclear whether he left any other relatives behind, other than wife Mary Elizabeth who is buried in the same grave, dying less than 2 months later, aged 76.

From a visit to the grave one can see that Thomas Walker’s headstone was erected by the Sheffield Anglers Association and emblazoned with their logo. This was presumably a thanks for his 29 years of service as the group’s secretary. The group, unfortunately, does not exist anymore, and no records could be found of the work Walker undertook for them.

Thomas Walker Headstone

Image Credit: Howard Bayley


Sheffield Daily Telegraph, ‘The Death of A Sheffield Angler at Rampton’, 10/8/1899

Profile Researched by Beth Keever

Profile Written by Miriam Emanuel