Soldiers from the Hill

Soldiers from the Hill ©M Gibbons is a ‘song for Wardsend’, written by FOWC committee member Malc Gibbons and taken from his album Blue-Eyed Friday. Listen to it here:

Malc wrote the song back in 2009, after visiting the cemetery for the first time and coming across a resident named William Dixon:

It was the name William Dixon. I wondered if he was one of the many soldiers from Hillsborough Barracks. Were any of his friends and family also interred in this place? What happens here when darkness falls? Does a ghostly battalion watch over the river crossing? I have no answers to these questions, except to say that I experienced a strange feeling that I was being watched by some unseen presence when I performed this song by the War memorial.

It is for all those residents, some forgotten and some remembered, that I wrote this.’

William Dixon is buried not far from the railway bridge in Wardsend Cemetery – heading up the main path, turn left at the top, and William’s grave is on the left, by the tree just before George Beaumont, the 23 year old who tragically lost his life playing  football one Christmas Day.