Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson was one of the victims of the Great Sheffield Flood to be buried at Wardsend Cemetery, and Karen Lightowler’s research tells us about her life.

Although the flood occurred overnight between the 11-12th March 1864, Sarah Jackson’s injuries took until 1st September 1864 to take her. The official cause of death was listed as ‘inflammation of the lungs.’

She was outlived by her husband and four children. Her husband claimed £120, however this claim was rejected. Although there is no definite proof of this, it is possible the claim was rejected because Sarah’s earnings were valued less as a woman.

Despite this, her husband James was able to re-marry and raise their four children safely. He went on to have two more children with his new wife.

No records have been found as to her occupation in life.

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Lightowler, K., Sheffield Flood: The Aftermath, 2007

Profile Written by Tom Gidlow