Mark Cooper

Karen Lightowler’s research tells us that Mark Cooper was a victim of the Great Sheffield Flood in 1864. He was buried in Wardsend on the 4th May 1864, however certain aspects of his life will likely remain a mystery.

Mark Cooper was certainly married, to Mary. Historically we know this because she claimed £100 for his death, although she only received £25. Their marital home was at 36 Orchard Street.

However, Mary survived the flood because she was at her parental home in Leeds. We do not know how permanently she was living there, or if she was just visiting. It is unclear because, by the time of the flood, Mark was forced to live in the workhouse. Clearly Mark, who worked as a file cutter, had fallen on hard times.

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Lightowler, K., Sheffield Flood: The Aftermath, 2007, pp. 50-1

Profile Written by Tom Gidlow