Joseph Askham

Karen Lightowler’s research tells us a lot about Joseph Askham. He was buried in Wardsend Cemetery on the 4th May 1864. He, like hundreds of others, was the victim of the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864. However, until recently he was not recorded along with the dead of the flood, since he died later from Laryngitis caused by his injuries.

Askham lived around England working variously as a farmer and millwirght, before becoming a qualified mechanical engineer and moving to Sheffield. There he married his wife, Ann.

Joseph and Ann Askham actually lived on Corporation Street, far from the flood damage. However, his place of work was in the affected area. Joseph Aksham was caught in the flood water, and this caused the lung infection that killed him six weeks later.

Ann Askham received £300 of compensation, after a 15 month claim period. Most of this was for property damage, with £28 covering Joseph’s medical bills.

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Profile Written by Tom Gidlow