Jonathon Horsfield

Research by Karen Lightowler shows Jonathon Horsfield was a blacksmith by trade, and he lived and worked in the Owlerton area of the city. Jonathon lived until the age of 60, and was outlived by his wife.

Jonathon’s life was cut short by the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864. He was buried at Wardsend on the 23rd March 1864, with his funeral expenses costing £10.

Jonathon’s widow claimed £250 for his death, however only received £25. It was not uncommon to receive less than the original claim, in fact most claims came in as less. However, the large difference between the £250 claim and £25 payout is possibly the reason her claim was not agreed until the 3rd May 1865. She also received property damage compensation standing at £3 3s 8d.

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Lightowler, K., Sheffield Flood: The Aftermath, 2007, pp. 72-3

Profile Written by Tom Gidlow