Friends of Wardsend Cemetery: Membership

CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD OUR MEMBERSHIP FORM: Friends membership subscription 2018.

The Friends of Wardsend Cemetery are delighted to relaunch their Friends membership, as announced in the AGM on Thursday 26th October. Read on to find out more!

What are the benefits of membership?

As a ‘Friend’ of Wardsend Cemetery, you will receive free entry to events throughout the year, including tours and talks. You’ll also receive three newsletters a year filled with information about the cemetery (see below). Plus, of course, you will be contributing to the crucial upkeep and promotion of this fascinating site.

What will be included in the newsletters?

Each newsletter will include:

  • An update on our progress and what we’ve been up to recently, as well as plans for the future
  • Articles and reports covering our three focus areas of Heritage, Nature and Creativity
  • Heritage – recent research and stories of some of our residents
  • Nature – wildlife at Wardsend
  • Creativity – photos, artwork, and creative writing inspired by Wardsend
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Write-ups of recent events
  • Contributions from Friends

The newsletter will be largely written by our Committee, but we welcome any contributions from fellow Friends. If you wish to write a piece for our newsletter, or create some artwork/photography, please contact us at with details of how you wish to contribute.

When we run events, we love to hear stories from those who remember Wardsend from their past, for example those who used to play there as children. We would love to share some of those stories via the newsletter. If you are happy to share your memories of Wardsend, please get in touch at

How much will Friends membership cost?

It costs just £5 per year for each household, so you can share the benefits with your family. Membership will start in January, when the first newsletter will be sent out. You can pay by cheque to Friends of Wardsend Cemetery or by bank transfer.

How do I get involved?

If you wish to become a Friend, please fill in and return the membership form (Friends membership subscription 2018) to and pay your membership fee as indicated on the form. Once we have received your membership fee, we will inform you that your name has been added to our Friends group and you can start enjoying the benefits from January. In order to conserve the environment, the newsletters will be sent via email. However, if it would be more convenient for you by post, please inform us when you send your membership form.

For further information, please contact us at