During its years as an active cemetery, around 30,000 people were buried at Wardsend.

By clicking the links below you can explore the stories of the people associated with, or buried at Wardsend cemetery during the years of 1850-1900. These are the stories we have uncovered so far however our research is ongoing.

If you have information related to any of the individuals buried at Wardsend, please get in touch using the following email: wardsend@gmail.com

Askham, Joseph
Bagshaw, Charles
Bamforth, William
Beaumont, George
Bulloss, Elizabeth (Lake)
Burgon, Charles
Cooper, Mark
Cowley, Joseph

Eagle Star, Paul

Horsfield, Jonathon

Jackson, Sarah
Lambert (VC), Lieutenant George
Livesey, Reverend John
Marsden, Tom
Newell, William
North, William

Parkin, Walter
Pashley, Harry
Reaney, Luke
Renshaw, Robert
Spooner, Olivia
Townsend, Kate

VWX / Y / Z

Walker, Thomas
Walther, Albert
Willis, James
Worthington, John

In 2009, a FOWC committee member, Malc Gibbons, visited Wardsend and was inspired to write a song Soldiers from the Hill for all the residents in the cemetery.