World War and Wardsend

The Friends of Wardsend Cemetery newsletter of November 2015 contained details of  Wardsend’s connections with World War One. It included information about those who died in the war zones who are buried elsewhere and whose names are mentioned on memorials at Wardsend, those who lived in the parish of St Philip’s and those mentioned on the Wardsend War Memorial in City Road Cemetery who are buried at Wardsend.

Below, in alphabetical order, is a list of names and some information about each individual compiled by co founder of the original Friends of Wardsend Cemetery George Proctor. It is with great thanks to George that I have shared this information here.

This page was updated on 16/10/2018 with additional information provided by Hugh Waterhouse 

It is our intention that this website will one day include a Remembrance section so that this information  will be easily accessible while also serving as an online memorial to those who gave their lives in the service of their country.

We recognise that there is more work to be done here not only from a historical perspective but also so that these individuals may be properly and permanently remembered.


World War One


Alcock Arthur Frederick

Service No 2278, private aged 21 Yorks & Lancs (4th Hallamshire) (T.F.) batt killed in action France 16/6/1915. NP 1237.


Alcock William Charles

Service No 11874, aged 21 corporal Kings own Yorks Light Infantry  7th Batt died of wounds 20/9/1917  NP 1237.


Andrews Henry

Service No 17, Rifleman, 19th (Western battalion) (Territorial), Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort’s Own), born in Ecclesall, died 09/09/1916 in Egypt. He was formerly service No 262 West Riding N. R., Formed in accordance with an Army Council Instruction on 29 Nov 1915.  The Bns were made up of supernumerary TF Companies formed from National Reservists who were used for guarding vulnerable points in Great Britain. The Bns were posted for Garrison duty overseas in 1916. The 18th, 23rd and 24th went to India; 19th and 20th to Egypt. The 21st went to India via Egypt, and the 22nd Salonika via Egypt. The latter was attached to the 228th Brigade in 28th Division. N.R. NP 1285.


Ashton George William

Service No 405319, Private in the Labour Corp,, he was 42 and lived in Brough Street, Owlerton he died on 12/10/1919 having also served in the Yorks & Lancs, Service No 27934.


Barnett  James Henry

Service No 3/1877, private, 2nd battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died 26/10/1914, aged 33.  August 1914 : in Dublin. Part of 13th Brigade in 5th Division. 16 August 1914 : landed at Le Havre. NP 1367


Bell George Henry

Service No 18916, private, 2nd battalion, Prince of Wales own (West Yorkshire Rgt, died 27/03/1918,  August 1914 : in Malta. Returned to England and landed at Southampton on 25 September 1914. 25 September 1914 : came under orders of 23rd Brigade, 8th Division, forming up at Hursley Park near Winchester. Landed at Le Havre 5 November 1914.  Military Medal, Sheffield Council Roll of Honour. NP 1102


Dolphin John

Service No R/4084, corporal, 13th battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Died of wounds 26/08/1918,  Formed at Winchester on 7 October 1914 as part of K3 and attached as Army Troops to 21st Division. Moved to Halton Park, going on in November 1914 to billets in Amersham and Great Missenden. Moved to Windmill Hill (Salisbury Plain) in April 1915 and transferred to 111th Brigade in 37th Division. 31 July 1915 : landed at Boulogne.  MM NP 752


Foster William

Service No 65926, private, 126th Protection Co, Royal Defence Corps, died 01/12/1918, formerly 27934 king’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry


Fry William Edward

Private, York and Lancaster died 09-08-1915


Grundy Albert L.

Service No 350343, private, 12th (service) battalion, city of Glasgow Rgt, Highland Light Infantry, formerly 42402 royal Scots Fusiliers, died 28/03/1918,In 1917 they were in action in The First and Second Battle of the Scarpe, including the capture of Guemappe during the Arras Offensive. On the 3rd of February 1918 they transferred to 106th Brigade, 35th Division. They were in action in The Battle of Courtrai and The action of Tieghem during the Final Advance in Flanders. Pozieries Memorial, panel 72, L 236


Helliwell Clarence

Service No 18811, private, 10th battalion, King’s own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died of wounds 07/12/1916, aged 23, Formed at Pontefract in September 1914 as part of K3 and came under command of 64th Brigade in 21st Division. Moved to Berkhamsted and then to Halton Park (Tring) in October 1914, going on to billets in Maidenhead in November. returned to Halton Park in April 1915 and went on to Witley in August.. September 1915 : landed in France. 13 February 1918 : disbanded in France, with at least some of the men going to 20th Entrenching Battalion.  Sheffield Council Roll of Honour.


Hides Ernest

Service no 499, private, 4th battalion AIF killed in action in Gallipoli at Lone Pine 6th  –  9th 1915 buried at Johnstons Jolly war cemetery in Gallopoli. Remembered on Australian national war memorial, Fulwood memorial and family grave at Wardsend. L 57


Hill William

Service No 203288, 1/4th (Hallamshire) (T.F.) battalion, Yorks & Lance Rgt, died 30/06/1917, aged 37, The 14th was formed in Sheffield in 1914 and stationed there as part of the 3rd W R Brigade of the W R division. After time at Doncaster, Gainsborough and York  landed at Boulogne in April 1915 becoming 148th brigade of the 49th division. Fought at Aubers Bridge 1915, Albert, Bazentin Ridge, Poziieres Ridge, Flers-Courcelette 1916, Flanders coast Poelcapelle 1917.


Hudson Edwin

Service No 3/2577, private, 2nd battalion,  King’s own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died of wounds 11/10/1918, aged 39, August 1914 : in Dublin. Part of 13th Brigade in 5th Division. 16 August 1914 : landed at Le Havre. 28 December 1915 : transferred to 97th Brigade in 32nd Division.


Jubb Herbert

Service No 30657, private, 7th battalion, Border Rgt, formerly 24167 South Wales Borderers, formerly 24197 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, died 03/1/1918, aged 2,1 Formed at Carlisle on 7 September 1914 as part of K2 and came under orders of 51st Brigade in 17th (Northern) Division. Moved to Andover and on to Bovington in January 1915. Moved to Winchester in June 1915. Landed at Boulogne 15 July 1915. 22 September 1917 : absorbed the dismounted Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry and renamed 7th (Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry) Bn. Died either at Bertincourt or Moevres.


Lodge Walter

Service No 40376, gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, died of wounds 17/07/1916, Sheffield Council Roll of Honour. NP 717


Maltby Oliver

Service No 73563, 3rd battalion, Durham Light Infantry, died 19/02/1918, aged 31,


Middleton Thomas Reginald

Service No 29701, private, 7th battalion, King’s own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died of wounds 03/10/1917,  Formed at Pontefract on 12 September 1914 as part of K2 and came under command of 61st Brigade in 20th (Light) Division. Moved to Woking and thenn to Witley in February 1915, going on to Salisbury Plain in May. 24 July 1915 : landed at Boulogne. 20 February 1918 : disbanded in France. Sheffield Council Roll of Honour.


Mills Albert Frederick Schwabe

Service no 37480, Lance Corporal, Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 1917, buried Arras Memorial bay 8. NP 700


Milner George Henry

Private Lancashire Fusiliers , died 05/04/1918


Newton Isaac Biggin 

Privates Northumberland Fusiliers, died 28/04/1917


Plant William Bailey

Service No 3321, corporal, 8th (City of London) Battalion (Post Office Rifles, London Rgt, died 15/09/1916, It was also the only regiment in the army that did not have a regimental badge – each battalion having its own individual cap badge. L 409


Redfern Joseph Spencer

Service No 10520, private, 14th battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, died 02/11/1916 aged 42, Formed at Newcastle in September 1914 as part of K3 and came under orders of 21st Division as Army Troops. January 1915 : converted into Pioneer Battalion. Landed in France September 1915. 1916 Somme.


Richardson Joseph

Service No 19505, private, 3rd (reserve) battalion, Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 10/09/1915, aged 21, K 268


Rippon Thomas

Service No 795849, Gunner, Territorial Force, Royal Horse Artillery and  Royal Field Artillery, died 02/02/1917, aged 28, Hannescamps New Military Cemetery


Smout William Thompson

Service No 12/1854, private, 8th (service) battalion, Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 01/07/1916, aged 30,  Thiepval Memorial pier and face 14A & 14B,  originally with Sheffield City Battalion. A 451


Speight Horace

Service No 201787, corporal, 6th (service) battalion, Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 10/10/1917, aged 24, Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Formed at Pontefract in August 1914 as part of K1 and came under orders of 32nd Brigade in 11th (Northern) Division. Moved initially to Grantham. Moved to Witley in April 1915. 3 July 1915 : sailed from Liverpool for Gallipoli, landing at Suvla Bay 6 August 1915. Evacuated from Gallipoli December 1915, moved to Egypt via Imbros. Moved to France in July 1916. grave ref XI. J. 16.     I 256


Spye John

Service No 3/3860, private, Depot battalion, Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 16/06/1918, Sheffield Council Roll of Honour. NP 1285


Thorpe William

Service No 3/7125, private, 2nd battalion, East Yorks & Lancs Rgt, , died of wounds, 14/05/1915, aged 42, aged 42, Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Grave Ref VIII,  C. 40. L 130


Wales William

Service No Tyneside Z/8298, Drake battalion, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, enlisted 05/11/1915, draft for BEF 27/03/1918, joined Drake battalion 07/04/1918 until 05/07/1918 (influenza), rejoined Drake Battalion 05/09/1918, died 28/09/1918, missing later reported killed in action or died of wounds. L 130


Wall Arthur

Service No 285156, private, 26th battalion (Tyneside Irish), Northumberland Fusiliers, died 14/10/1917, formerly 6167 Yorks & Lancs Rgt. Tynecot Memorial, panel 19 to 23 and 162, Formed at Newcastle, November 1914, by the Lord Mayor and City. June 1915 : came under orders of 103rd Brigade, 34th Division. Landed in France in January 1916. 3 February 1918 : disbanded in France. Died first battle of Passschendale. I 234

As well as being commemorated on a family gravestone at Wardsend, Arthur was one of nine members of Walkley Reform Club (now Walkley Community Centre) remembered in a memorial window.

The window originally incorporated photographs of the soldiers but these deteriorated over time. Some photos were received from family sources but a search for an image of Arthur Wall was unsuccessful. His story can be read on the Walkley History website

Arthur Wall windowArthur Wall window 2Arthur Wall headstone


Webb Samuel Walter

Private Royal Fusiliers, died 22/07/1915  Samuels’s name is on the screen wall at City Road as SW Webb. He is buried at Wardsend NP1072. He enlisted (and died) using his mother’s maiden name. His surname was actually BETTERIDGE. There is a pension record at Ancestry under WEBB.


Woodhouse David

Service No 13542, corporal, Depot battalion,  Yorks & Lancs Rgt, died 28/10/ 1918. NP 1079


World War Two 


Butler Frederick Henry 

Private  (The Buffs), died 01/08/1943


Cramp Frank

Service No 7368091, corporal, Royal Army Medical Corps, died 04/08/1940, died while guarding an ambulance.  NP 422


Turner Harry

Aircraftman RAFVR, died 05/07/1946


Wilson Harry

Trooper Northumberland Fusiliers, died  03/03/1945


We Will Remember Them 




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